• The Proposed Rail Tracks

    A 3 phase project

Vancouver Civic Railway – Our OBJECTIVES

Create a passenger rail company that is responsive to community needs, and able to partner with the City of Vancouver and other businesses and institutions to:

  • Lay track on 1st Avenue between Cambie and Quebec, and if at all possible, back to Science World by whatever route is feasible.
  • Consult with the Granville Island community with a view to exploring the potential of extending track from the current station, northbound along Anderson St. and onto Granville Island, terminating at the former Canada Chain & Forge Co. building, adjacent to the Public Market.
  • Obtain funding to purchase three streetcars.
  • Secure a suitable location for a streetcar barn for storage and maintenance.
  • Operate a passenger service, year-round, suited to business hours along the route.
  • Increase service to include holidays and special events;
  • Develop a value-added public amenity that will not only pay for itself, but will also enhance local “green” initiatives,  create a revenue stream for the City of Vancouver, and be a business base for a for-profit, triple bottom line corporation.


With the closure of the Downtown Historic Railway, and the moving of the two historic interurban cars to their new owner, the business case for a rail passenger service becomes much simpler, and much less expensive.

“Bookended” by Granville Island at one end, and Science World at the other, the Olympic Village neighborhood will soon have the resident population of a small city, with amenities such as the Paddling Centre, and numerous businesses and services attracting residents and visitors

Granville Island, with over 10 million visitors per year, is the perfect complement for Science World’s 600,000 yearly visitors: connecting these two venues would be a natural and logical step of great benefit to all the communities along the way.

Our proposal is to complete the track between Cambie St. and Quebec St., and extend the line up the center median of Quebec St. as far as Terminal Ave., and possibly beyond.

Rolling stock will consist of state-of-the-art, fully accessible replica streetcars, such as those built by Gomaco Trolley Company, the suppliers of similar equipment to several systems in the United States. These cars will embody the very best of both worlds– modern technology, with a realistic heritage appearance.

This would fulfill Granville Island Business Association’s desire for a vintage style tram, authentic to Vancouver designs of the past, and also the City of Vancouver’s concern for technology that makes daily, year-round operation possible with safe and reliable equipment.

The streetcars could be built inside of 18 months and would have a price tag comparable to a trolley bus, but with a considerably longer life span.

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