The Most Exciting Project Of Its Kind In North America! GRANVILLE ISLAND — OLYMPIC VILLAGE — SCIENCE WORLD

Innovative – Exciting – Needed

Connecting Granville Island’s nearly 11 Million Annual Visitors with businesses, restaurants, community centres, and entertainment venues between Granville Island and Science World, and beyond.

Working with Stakeholders, Citizens, Businesses, Governments, and other agencies to carefully design and grow a streetcar service that will become A Valued Civic Amenity, responsive to the community and to the people who will use it.

Community aligned business model that advances the vision of Granville Island as a Thriving Hub of artistic activity and independent business.

Contributing to the effort to make Granville Island, and the entire Southeast False Creek area Less Car-Dependent.

Why Vancouver Civic Railway?

Environmentally Sound

Clean, green and sustainable. Powered by overhead wire, there are no emissions from a streetcar and noise will not be invasive even at night.

Supplements TransLink Services

An excellent supplement to TransLink’s extensive Lower Mainland services.

For Everyone

The first rail system that is designed for everyone.  Pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchairs, scooters, and strollers!

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